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Local businesses, it's time to embrace existing social media on your physical location. With Geotender you can.

Tech Business

Why you will love it..

Display social media, stimulate customers to talk about your brand.
Create high exposure campaigns, see profits rise.
Easy to use, up and running within minutes.

"The combination of commercial and user-generated content offers high exposure for our event-sponsors"
- F. Smith, Event organiser

Use existing social media

Geotender enables your audience to interact directly with your displays by using location-based social media like Foursquare and Twitter (coming soon) running on smart-phones. Sending their own profile pictures, messages, tips and check-ins to your display.

Create viral exposure

Imagine big displays featuring user-generated content in combination with commercial messages. The user generated content attracts your audience to the displays, exposing your commercial messages. Geotender statistics measure engagement factors, allowing you to report on how successful your campaign is.

Apply full branding

It's time to embrace social media, not only online but also on location. With Geotender you will to add life to your display marketing. Our narrowcasting solution offers a 100% branding solution to your benefit.

Maximize your profits with our premium versions or