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Show check-ins, tips and ads All Foursquare messages and brand your display Take advantage of the full package & customize your display like a pro
Foursquare checkins
Foursquare Tips
Foursquare badges
Foursquare Mayor checkin
Foursquare special
SMS messaging *
Venue messages 1 5 10
Display background Upload backgrounds Upload backgrounds
Background animation More choice More choice
Color styling
Advertisements On On Own preference
Statistics Simple Advanced
Available soon

Available soon

Available soon

After a succesful trial run we're updating Geotender to the latest standards before it goes live.

Please leave your address details so we can contact you the day we're going live
(of course together with great promotional discounts!)

Geotender is currently only available in the following countries:
Belgium, France, Germany, Ireland, The Netherlands, United Kingdom, United States

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